About us

4 continents, 10 countries, 30 Cinemas.

About us

Who we are

We are a collective of UK & Spanish architects, creative directors, and technical engineers whose aim is to create spaces that work seamlessly with their surroundings, whilst inspiring the human experience.

Over 24 years of experience in Cinema Design & Delivery have provided us with a unique understanding of the needs of modern retail in a 360-degree cycle: from Customer to Filmmaker to Cinema Operator.

Our International experience, initially under Warner Bros International, has allowed us to Design & Build cinemas in 7 European Countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Poland), Japan, Chile, and the Middle East.

We are the Chief Cinema Developer and Architectural Studio in Africa. We have built the highest number of Cinemas in Nigeria to date, with over 45 screens over 12 Cinemas for two of the largest Cinemas brands in the country: Filmhouse Cinemas and Genesis Deluxe Cinemas.

We offer a one-stop-shop service delivering the whole cinema business: Branding, Design, Build, & Day to Day running of the business. We aim to make you a high return on your investment while guiding you from the very start, from business planning, designing to costing.


We build your dream cinema

We work very closely with our International Suppliers, both at home in Europe (Germany, Spain & the UK), and in the US to deliver high-quality components, enabling us to offer you the highest quality Cinema experience you can dream of.







About us

Sound environmental assessment

The nature of surrounding noise is key to the design and development of a cinema. Do you have a Night Club, Railway station, or a busy Motorway near by? These sources of noise will ultimately have an impact on the performance of a cinema. We take into consideration the context where you are intending to locate your cinema, and this in turn will dictate the nature of the cinema that we intend to create.


We like to engage you from the start and to spend time understanding your needs. Before we begin to craft the path to realizing your Cinema dream, the whole development process will be open to your critique. We will shower you with a vault of firsthand knowledge that will guide you to make the right critical decisions towards the best possible solution.


Our software guides us along the critical path of delivery, allowing us to give feedback to you in real-time at certain key stages of the project. This would enable us to streamline the process to its completion.


This is a key part of our delivery process, and to this end, we always prefer a ‘turn-key’ framework where we handle all parts of the process. This then allows us to control and guarantee a specified time and date. We know that when Spiderman 4 is booked for a date, that is the date and the show has to begin. To date, we have delivered time and time again.